Cut Vinyl Signage

Vinyl comes in many colours and can be digitally cut to create directional and safety signage as well as decorative patterns and digitally cut shapes and patterns. Vinyl signage can be applied to glass, gyprock and timber panels.


Printed Signage

Printed signage can be anything from digitally printed images on the wall or glass, to your existing corporate logo or branding being applied to your workplace to create your own unique design.


Acrylic Signage

Acrylic signage comes in various thicknesses which range from 3mm to 25mm with many colours to choose from.


Statutory Signage

Tintage provide BCA approved safety signs for commercial and residential developments, including signs for fire safety doors, service doors, lifts and  other emergency services.

Safety decals need to be applied to clear glazing to gain compliance and reduce the risk of injury.

 Braille and tactile signs are available in many different styles and are designed to fulfil the requirements of the Australian Standards (1428.1-2001).

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