Decorative interior window films are available in many shades giving you the opportunity to transform the look and add privacy while still allowing interior or natural light to flow through.

Sun Control Films

Sun control films are designed to reduce heat and glare, improve energy efficiency and protect furniture and floors from harmful ultra violet rays.

Available with varying solar protection.

Security Films

Security films are generally applied to commercial glass to prevent the glass from shattering on impact in the event of an accident or breakage.

Offering protection and assurance for your colleagues, family and friends.

Available in different shades.

Privacy Films

Privacy films are designed for just that, Privacy. They reduce visibility, let the light in without the glare.

Available in different colours and shades.

Decorative Films

Vinyl films are available in a range of colours and can be digitally cut to create your own individual pattern or shape. Vinyl films are installed directly onto glass, gyprock and timber panels.

Privacy films can also be cut to create decorative effects.

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